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Voting is the most important responsibility of being a citizen in a democracy. In New Jersey alone there are thousands of eligible voters that either do not vote or are not registered to vote. Our primary objective is to bring more eligible voters into the political process. When Democrats vote, we win! Young adults, working families, new citizens, seniors, college students and minorities are just some examples of groups that have been historically underrepresented on Election Day. We have prepared a step by step instructional guide that will provide you the information you need to ensure that the applications you obtain are valid. You will be provided with the materials you need to be successful to register new voters.

Requirements for eligibility to register to vote

  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must be at least 17 years old, but may not actually vote until reaching the age of 18
  • Must be a resident of the county for at least 30 days before the election
  • Must NOT be currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction or other indictable offense under the laws of this or another State or the United States

Application process

As a Voter Registration Volunteer, you should follow these rules

  • Registering Voters is a nonpartisan activity, it is against the law to discuss politics or promote a candidate while registering voters. This may invalidate the applications.  We suggest not displaying any signs or buttons for your candidate and/or your group
  • Solicit and inquire about the registration status of any NJ Resident. You can check online at  NJ Dept. of State
  • You may verbally answer questions about how to fill out the application as long as you don’t write on the form
  • Physically fill out the Application form with the permission of the applicant. You must fill out the box next to the Voters signature
  • Deliver the original application to either the Campaign Office or the proper County Clerk’s Office in the appropriate county, or appropriate municipal clerk’s office
  • Make copies of blank applications for registration use
  • Accept all applications regardless of Party Affiliation
  • Do not keep copies of the application or any of the information collected during the Voter Registration Drive and you are not allowed to accept payment for your voter registration efforts

Application form

The application is simple, but here are some points you need to know

  • While the forms are uniform across NJ, the resident must register to vote with the Superintendent of Elections or the Commissioner of Registration of the county of their legal address, or with the appropriate municipal clerk. Keep this in mind when you are submitting the application.
  • PRINT: The information must be legible. Please check the information provided by the applicant to make sure you can read it and the lettering is clear.
  • With permission, you are allowed to assist the applicant to fill the form, but you must fill out the information next to the voter signature.
  • If the applicant is Physically and/or Visually impaired, and cannot sign the application, flag the application when you return the forms to the campaign office.

The form in detail

Box 1: What type of Registration including New, Change of Address, Political Party Affiliation Change, etc.

Box 2: U.S. Citizenship and at least 17 years old:  if either are these are no, the Application is not valid

Box 3: Full Legal Name

Box 4: Birth Date

Box 5: NJ Driver’s License Number or Non-Driver ID Number: If no ID, they can use the last four digits of their Social Security Number. If the applicant does not have any ID or SS number, they are allowed to check the box

Box 6: Home Address:  The primary address where the voter lives

  • Homeless voters can designate any place where they habitually spend time, including a street corner, as their residence.  They must also provide a mailing address where they can be sent election related mail.

Box 7 Mailing Address (if different): For example, a College dorm, Military Address or overseas travel

Box 8: Last Address Registered to Vote: This is for Change of Address so they can cancel the voter registration at your old address

Box 9: Change of legal name for example Maiden Name:  Applies if making name change

Box 9 Option: Day Phone Number and E-Mail Address: Do not keep copies of the application or any of the information collected during the Voter Registration Drive.

Box 10: Declaration of Political Party Affiliation: Declaration of Political Party Affiliation: This is optional but explain that they can only vote in the Democratic primary if they register as a Democrat.

Box 11: Gender

Signature: The Potential Voter must sign and date the application

If you assisted in the application process, please fill out the box next to the signature

Voter Registration Application Forms

(Form can also be used for change of address; name change; signature update; party affiliation; temporary mailing address)



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