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Provisional Ballots

From the Division of Elections:
Provisional ballots are paper ballots that are used at the polling place on Election Day.

You MUST Vote by Provisional Ballot if:

How to Vote by Provisional Ballot:

The board worker will give you a paper ballot and an envelope.
The board worker must provide you with a place to vote the ballot in secret.

Put the voted ballot in the envelope and seal it.
Sign and complete the Affirmation Statement that is attached to the envelope. DO NOT DETACH the Affirmation Statement. If you do not sign the Affirmation Statement, your ballot will not be counted.

Give the envelope to the board worker.
Watch the board worker put the envelope into the provisional ballot bag, or you may put your ballot into the bag yourself.

If you spoil your ballot, you have the right to ask the board worker for another ballot.
No provisional ballot is counted at the polling place. All provisional ballots are taken to the County Commissioner of Registration’s office after the close of the polls for verification and counting by the County the County Board of Election.

How does a voter find out if their Vote by Mail or Provisional Ballot was counted?

All voters can call 1-877-NJVOTER (1-877-658-6837) after the election to find out whether their Vote by Mail or Provisional ballot was counted or the reason it was rejected.

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